Cammac Learning Evolution Inc.


It is our mission to help those who are struggling with mental health and wellness, clarity of self or life purpose, or with social awareness and relationships, to better understand and develop the skills related to emotional intelligence (EQ) that can help you thrive.

We strive to help others gain the skills and abilities that can promote individual wellbeing, and offer success in personal and professional interactions.

Why EQ Matters

Emotional intelligence has a significant impact on mental health and wellness.

Due to the global changes created by the digital technology era, modern society no longer offers the personal interaction and reflection opportunities that are necessary to develop our EQ skills naturally.  

Our world has changed, and as a society, we must adapt. What once was may no longer be, however, the path forward doesn’t have to be scary or dim. Let us help you evolve into the best version of yourself. The You who is capable and confident to manage whatever uncertainty might come your way! 

Our Core Values

Our organizational values are deeply engrained in all that we do. Our Cammac Learning Evolution Inc. values include:

And it’s our priority that you not only experience those but embody them as well on your journey through evolution.

About Joan

Joan founded Cammac Learning Evolution Inc. with the sole purpose of providing personal and professional development opportunities that can promote positive social change within our homes, schools, organizations, and communities. With the fast pace of modern living, the reliance on technology for communication, and the emphasis placed on productivity rather than humanity, Joan believes more is needed to help the people regain a sense of emotional balance, mental health, and wellness.

Joan has been studying human behaviour since 2001, and having worked in occupational health and safety, and adult education, for the past 16 years, she relies on her experience and natural curiosity to gain a deeper understanding of ‘Why people do the things they do.’ Her passion for lifelong learning, combined with a genuine interest in human behaviour led her to begin her Ph.D. studies in Developmental Psychology in 2019. 

Joan’s commitment to personal growth and development has helped her better understand the underlying concepts of human behaviour, emotional intelligence, and psychological health and wellbeing, and she works each day to help herself and those around her, to become better today than they were yesterday!