Cammac Learning Evolution Inc.

Navigating life and all its changes can be overwhelming.

You Don’t have to do this alone.

In our three month Emotional Intelligence Coaching container, have direct access to Joan and her toolbox of Emotional Intelligence resources to help you dive deeper into your strengths, build up areas of opportunity for improvement, and ultimately become steadfast in the direction of your dreams.

Ready to stop struggling so hard and finally find a path forward that feels right?

You’ve been fighting against your own brain for so long, making moments of change and reaching your goals more challenging than it needs to. 

Let me guess… 

  • You feel like your emotions and how you handle certain situations holds you back in life
  • You find yourself overwhelmed with new situations and experiences 
  • You’re trying to reach a goal or make a change but often find yourself pulling back or meeting resistance

That’s okay. You’ve done what you’ve had to do with the information you had. But now, let me show you another way. 

Three months from now…

You just haven’t learned how to harness your human-ness to help you achieve your biggest ambitions and navigate new experiences.


Have an improved understanding of your personal driving forces behind the decisions you make, and the behaviours you display.


Increase the balance between your strong and weak(er) emotional intelligence skills and abilities, enabling you to use your strengths more effectively while not allowing your weaknesses to derail your intentions.


Gain clarity and purpose behind your choices, in addition to increased resilience to help you overcome challenges.

Coaching vs. Therapy: Let's talk about it.

Therapy is amazing! At Cammac Learning Evolution we are strong advocates and fans of traditional talk therapy. However, coaching is not the same as therapy. Therapy often drives backward into past trauma, while coaching works from the present, toward the future. 

The work you will do with Joan as your coach is not much different than the idea of athletic coaching. Joan meets you where you’re at (at your current skill level), you and her work together to get a good baseline of where that is, and then you put a plan in place together to help develop any of the skill areas that you might be lacking or need extra attention. 

What you can expect working with Joan as your coach

For $750/mo for three months, get deep insight into your personal ‘operations manual’ with:

Over 3 months, you’ll get:


Three months to change your life. Let’s do it.