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Make your human-ness work for you to reach your goals

An Emotional Intelligence Assessment can provide key insight into how you experience, navigate and succeed in situations. Now's a great time to explore your EQ if...

  • You feel like your emotions and how you handle certain situations holds you back in life
  • You find yourself overwhelmed with new situations and experiences¬†
  • You’re in the process of a shift or change in your life and you are unsure how best to navigate it

You don’t have to continue to fight your thoughts and emotions. You just need to learn what they mean for you and how to turn them into your advantage in life.

In other words…

You’re not broken and there’s nothing wrong with you.

You just haven’t learned how to harness your human-ness to help you achieve your biggest ambitions and navigate new experiences.

Unlock the power and potential of your brain.

Through an in-depth assessment and supporting consultation to review and explore the results, learn how you handle situations and how to make that work to your advantage as you navigate seasons of change or new situations. 

What You Get with Your EQ Assessment

For an investment of only $497, get deep insight into your personal ‘operations manual’ with:

You’ll walk away with:


Get the ball rolling by using the application form below. Joan will review your application and send along next steps, including payment and getting you access to your pre-work modules & personalized assessment link.